How to Optimise User-Facing Content Translation for Your New Export Markets
27 May, 2021 User-facing content translation Getting ready to export? Overwhelmed with advice and information on the cultural adaptation of your written content? Perhaps you have some questions already, such as how to prepare your written content for translation, or whether your user-facing content translation really needs to be adapted to your target foreign market. In this article, you will learn what user-facing content is, and how to prepare it for the markets you are planning to enter.
How to Prepare Your Document for a Medical Device Translation Project
24 February, 2021 Medical Device Translation Your hard work has paid off. Your breakthrough medical technology idea is off the ground, and you are now planning to share information about it in another language. Whether you are developing your first prototype, or gearing up to take your innovation to the market, getting your content translated may at first seem like yet another obstacle on your journey to the end-user. But done right, your medical device translation project can accelerate your success. So, how can you prepare your content for translation to ensure the best possible outcome, as well as the most efficient use of your budget?