Veterinary Translation

Are you preparing to export your veterinary medicinal product to an EU country? Or do you plan to expand your domestic customer base for your medicated feeds to foreign-language markets? Maybe you’re an equine brand with an ambitious international sales strategy, or perhaps you want to share your data on a new zoonotic disease in another language. Whatever your objective, our extensive expertise in veterinary translation will help you achieve it.

In order to communicate your message in another language effectively, you need an experienced and reliable veterinary translation partner — and this is where we can help.

Each of your texts is written with a clearly defined purpose, and your objective now is to bring its message to new markets. Whether it’s EMA regulatory documentation for a suspension for use in drinking water for pheasants, labelling on feed packaging for pet rabbits, or marketing literature for wound care products for horses, accurate, fit-for-purpose veterinary translation will help you get where you want to be.

At Mastermind Translations, we focus exclusively on life science industries, and veterinary translation is one of our core services. With our scientific background, hands-on industry experience, and results-oriented approach, we understand what is really important to you — and to your reader. This knowledge allows us to deliver first-rate translations of your mission-critical veterinary texts, helping you to meet your bigger goals.

We are the best choice for your next veterinary translation project. Here’s why.

  1. Expert knowledge of the veterinary industry

    The complexity of the veterinary and animal health sector is a reflection of the diversity of the animal species. Our intimate knowledge of this incredibly multidisciplinary area allows us to write with confidence about its many subfields, such as farm animal treatments, veterinary surgery, equine sports medicine, and wild animal health. We’re also familiar with industry-specific regulatory procedures, which means you can be assured that our veterinary translations are fully compliant with relevant requirements.

  2. Cutting-edge translation technology solutions

    From anthelmintics to zinc toxicity, navigating veterinary terminology can be challenging, especially in such an innovation-driven sector. We use the latest terminology management software to make sure the terms we use in our veterinary translations remain 100% accurate and consistent. Our industry-leading translation memory tools mean we can translate long documents up to 30% more quickly, while maintaining or even improving quality.

  3. Strict quality control procedures

    For us, quality assurance is far more than a box-ticking exercise. We strongly believe you deserve the best, and we’re never satisfied with translations that are deemed ‘good enough’, but read poorly. We approach every veterinary translation project individually, and are fully compliant with ISO 17100:2015 Translation services — Requirements for translation services.

  4. Dedication to our clients

    Every veterinary translation project has a story behind it. We take the time to listen to your needs, to ensure we meet your expectations. We’ll go the extra mile for you, so that you can move forward with your objectives at full speed.

    Read on to find out how we’ve helped other clients like you.

We translate the following veterinary and animal health documents:

  • Research and development: patents, clinical study protocols, scientific articles, Clinical Study Reports (CSRs), data sheets, Good Laboratories Practice (GLP) documents, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Case Report Forms (CRFs)
  • Regulatory submission: Summaries of Product Characteristics (SmPCs), Package Leaflets, labelling and packaging
  • Manufacturing: manufacturing specifications, production manuals, health and safety manuals, product inserts and labels, Instructions for Use (IFUs), software application interfaces and documentation
  • Post-authorisation and marketing: veterinary expert reports, suspected adverse drug reaction reports, product catalogues, brochures, web content, corporate and sales communications

What our clients say about our veterinary translation services

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