Medical Translation

Are you a clinical research organisation processing PRO data reported in other countries? A legal firm specialising in personal injury and clinical negligence claims that relies on medical records from abroad? Or perhaps a patient organisation looking to raise awareness of a disease among speakers of other languages? We can help you with your medical translation needs.

Medical translation goes well beyond language competence or translation experience. It requires very specific medical knowledge, familiarity with different healthcare systems, and multiple levels of quality control. At Mastermind Translations, we focus exclusively on translations in the field of life sciences to ensure that your mission-critical medical documents are translated accurately and on time.

Read on to find out why we’re the perfect team for your medical translation project.

Why we’re the best translators for
your medical translation project

  1. Expert knowledge of medicine

    Accuracy is vital in medical translation. Medical texts must be understood before they can be translated. We combine a deep insight into medical sciences with the ability to comfortably write about them.

    We hold qualifications in our specialist areas of medicine and linguistics. We understand medical jargon, and we’re not afraid to ask questions.

  2. Multiple levels of quality control

    Mastermind Translations strictly follow the ISO 17100:2015 Requirements for Translation Services. As well as the core translation process, this includes strict quality assurance involving a third party revision and proofreading to eliminate human error.

  3. Strict confidentiality

    Due to the sensitive nature of our work, confidentiality is always our key priority. For your peace of mind, we offer the option to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

  4. Satisfied clients

    We like to think of ourselves as your partner, at every stage of the project and in every task. We take the time to understand your objectives and priorities. We always go the extra mile — even if it means working additional hours to deliver an urgent project.

    Over the past decade, we’ve provided medical translation and other linguistic services to a vast range of premium clients, from large NGOs—  such as the European Rare Diseases Organisation and the European Association of Urology — to local authorities, such as the Gloucestershire Hospital Education Team.

    Large or small, our clients have very different needs. But there’s one thing they have in common: they’re all 100% satisfied with the service they’ve received from us. This is why most of our work comes from recommendations and referrals.

Medical documents we translate:

  • Patient records (e.g. discharge summaries, referral letters, specialist’s clinic letters, operation notes, laboratory reports, imaging study reports)
  • Patient literature, educational materials and information for patients (e.g. patient information leaflets and factsheets, websites)
  • Medico-legal reports for criminal and civil cases
  • Medical articles


  • Ben H, patient

    “The Mastermind Translations team was always very quick to respond to my emails, even outside of typical working hours. The medical translation was completed quickly and efficiently, and looks to be very good quality. Also Mastermind Translations seemed to genuinely care about their clients, and the work that had to be done so the service they provided was fantastic.”

  • Norbert Kwas, paralegal, Philip H Cuerden Solicitors

    “Mastermind Translations are experts in medical translations. We’ve used their translation services in a number of personal injury claims, and are always impressed with their professionalism.”

  • Bart S, patient’s family member

    “I approached Mastermind Translations for a certified translation of an oncology consultation letter which needed to be presented to health authorities in Poland. The translation was excellent in every respect and the quality of the customer service and prompt contact were unparalleled. The offer also represented a very good value for money. In my opinion, it’s definitely worth paying more for a better quality service. You can then be sure your document is translated by a professional medical translator. This is especially important when you’re dealing with medical documentation where a tiny detail can make a huge difference. Once again, thank you very much for your excellent service.”

  • Marion Alzer, CML Advocate Network and Leukaemia-Online

    “We used Mastermind Translations for the translation of a challenging medical text and were very impressed with their professional attitude and dedication as well as the high quality of the work. We can whole-heartedly recommend Kasia’s work.”

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