Marion Alzer, CML Advocate Network and Leukaemia-Online
28 January, 2016 “We used Mastermind Translations for the translation of a challenging medical text and were very impressed with their professional attitude and dedication as well as the high quality of the work. We can whole-heartedly recommend Kasia’s work.”
Bart S, patient’s family member
28 January, 2016 “I approached Mastermind Translations for a certified translation of an oncology consultation letter which needed to be presented to health authorities in Poland. The translation was excellent in every respect and the quality of the customer service and prompt contact were unparalleled. The offer also represented a very good value for money. In my opinion, it’s definitely worth paying more for a better quality service. You can then be sure your document is translated by a professional medical translator. This is especially important when you’re dealing with medical documentation where a tiny detail can make a huge difference. Once again,...
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M Holland, Haemnet
28 January, 2016 “I sent your translations on to the investigator this morning. The investigator said that the documents you had translated were excellent, and she appreciated the comments you had added, too.”
Norbert Kwas, paralegal, Philip H Cuerden Solicitors
28 January, 2016 “Mastermind Translations are experts in medical translations. We’ve used their translation services in a number of personal injury claims, and are always impressed with their professionalism.”