Pro Bono Ukrainian Medical Translation: Helping Patients from Ukraine with Their Medical Documentation

It is impossible to even fathom the sheer scale of the current humanitarian crisis unfolding in Europe, but the stories of individual patients fleeing the horrors of the war tell us how much they urgently need a Ukrainian medical translation service. At Mastermind Translations, we are helping patients from Ukraine with their medical documentation while also supporting our Ukrainian medical linguists. Find out how you can help, too.
Ukrainian Medical Translation

What’s in the Latest Version of EMA’s Veterinary Product Information Template?

The European Medicines Agency has updated its veterinary product information template to support the implementation of the new Veterinary Medicinal Products Regulation which became applicable on 28th January 2022. In this article, we discuss what changes have been made, what triggered them, and what they mean for applicants and marketing authorisation holders of veterinary medicinal products.

What Are Our Predictions for the Life Science Translation Industry in 2022?

As 2022 begins, it’s time for life science organisations to start executing plans for the year ahead. Whether you’re entering a new export market or launching a new product in a country where you already have a presence, translation of your written content will be part of the all-important specifics, from regulatory paperwork to package labelling or marketing literature. How will the new trends in the life science translation industry affect your plans for the coming year? Will you pay less for your translation and have it done faster over the next 12 months? Read on for our insights into...
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Which Languages Are Accepted under the EU MDR Language Requirements for Medical Devices in Each EU Member State?

The new European Union Medical Device Regulation has introduced more stringent linguistic requirements for medical devices sold in the EU market. In doing so, it has placed the responsibility on each EU Member State to determine the official Union language(s) in which the information supplied with the device must be provided. In this article, we will outline which languages are accepted in individual 27 EU Member States in response to these MDR language requirements.

What Are the Language Requirements for Medical Devices Sold in Europe under the New EU Medical Devices Regulation?

Following a transition period of four years, the long-awaited Medical Device Regulation (MDR) 2017/745/EU finally became fully applicable on 26 May 2021. It makes provisions in several places that the information provided by the manufacturer with a medical device must be available in the official language(s) accepted in the Member State where it is being sold. In this article, we will discuss the MDR language requirements for medical devices placed on the EU market.

Why Content Localisation is Key to the Optimal Performance and Safety of Your Medical Device

Are you a medical device company attracted by the prospect of overseas opportunities? You have developed a fantastic product and chosen a top distributor for your target market. Your export journey has got off to a great start. Now, with its new export strategy, your company is moving into unchartered waters. Part of this strategy is content localisation and you want to understand more about it to make the right strategic decisions for your target export market. In this article you will learn what content localisation is, and why getting it right is essential for the optimal performance and safety...
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How to Optimise User-Facing Content Translation for Your New Export Markets

Getting ready to export? Overwhelmed with advice and information on the cultural adaptation of your written content? Perhaps you have some questions already, such as how to prepare your written content for translation, or whether your user-facing content translation really needs to be adapted to your target foreign market. In this article, you will learn what user-facing content is, and how to prepare it for the markets you are planning to enter.

Czy dokumentację medyczną może tłumaczyć wyłącznie tłumacz medyczny?

Czy dokumentację medyczną powinien tłumaczyć wyłącznie tłumacz medyczny? Jakie kwalifikacje posiada tłumacz medyczny? Czy sama znajomość języka obcego nie wystarczy? Na te i podobne pytania odpowiemy w tym artykule.

How to Prepare Your Document for a Medical Device Translation Project

Your hard work has paid off. Your breakthrough medical technology idea is off the ground, and you are now planning to share information about it in another language. Whether you are developing your first prototype, or gearing up to take your innovation to the market, getting your content translated may at first seem like yet another obstacle on your journey to the end-user. But done right, your medical device translation project can accelerate your success. So, how can you prepare your content for translation to ensure the best possible outcome, as well as the most efficient use of your budget?

How Professional Medical Record Translation Can Help You Get the Treatment You Need

Whether it’s to take advantage of the latest specialist treatment options, to enjoy a better quality of care, or due to personal circumstances, more and more people receive medical treatment in another country. Cross-border medical travel often requires a medical record translation service. Regardless of your circumstances, your medical documentation has to be translated swiftly and absolutely accurately.